Making Friends with Strangers on Social Networks

Social Media Optimization for Social Media Social Media Optimization isn’t really new in the industry, so why not use Social Media Marketing to boost your own Social Service? I have found some Social Media Marketing Tactics on the web like e.g. ‚Five Pillars of Social Media Marketing‚ and ‚How to Leverage Web 2.0 & Social Media weiterlesen…

Rating Party 1/2009 at

Proactive Moderation is Key for Community Growth Of course it’s hard work and a big issue for all community services, but spending some hours with moderating your community is also always a great possibility to stick around your user base. On the one hand you will see what’s going on and you will get a better feeling for weiterlesen… goes Spanish, Romanian and Greek

Today we launched three new languages, so now we have in 10 languages; This time our team mates Ines, Panos and Codruta were making the various translations. Press review in some spanish publications:,,,, and And a romanian publication:

Maciej’s site on Some days ago I updated my mobile site on I have posted some comments on my team mates, our headquarters and my work and uploaded some pics. So have a look – more to come 🙂 And here are some fan e-mails from around the world: goes Polish in Polish Now we have in following languages; German (Deutsch) [12.01.2000], English [12.01.2000], French (Français) [19.04.2007], Italian (Italiano) [29.06.2007] Portuguese (Português) [29.06.2007] and Polish (Polski) [18.12.2007]. This time our teammates Mariola and Peter were pressing ahead with the polish translation. During the translation Mariola also build her first mobile site ever: :o)

Survey about mobile viral Marketing

The Mobile Commerce Working Group of the University of Augsburg is making a survey about mobile viral Marketing. They also focus on mobile Communities and they pointed out as an example for a mobile Community :o) Here is the German-speaking press release: Universität Augsburg führt eine neue Verbraucherstudie zum mobilen viralen Marketing durch Augsburg – Wann weiterlesen…