Making Friends with Strangers on Social Networks

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Social Media Optimization isn’t really new in the industry, so why not use Social Media Marketing to boost your own Social Service? I have found some Social Media Marketing Tactics on the web like e.g. ‚Five Pillars of Social Media Marketing‚ and ‚How to Leverage Web 2.0 & Social Media Sites to Market Your Brand & Control Your Message‚, but also with some hints what you shouldn’t do, like DO NOT go around adding random people as your friends. But why not? I can’t believe that it is unhealthy to surf around and add strangers to your friend list and then try to market your service to your ’new‘ friends. If you browse some of the big social networks you always find people saying that they want to meet new people and make friendships. So it shouldn’t be a big annoyance to say hello and ask if they want to be my friends 🙂

Many new friends in various social networks.

To investigate to potential of making new friends with random strangers, I joined the following networks and measured how many friends I will collect within 24 hours. By random I ask exactly 100 people, if they want to be my buddies. But I have to admit that I used a fake female profile for my little experiment:

Social Service  Friends within 24 h Social Service Friends within 24 h
fotochatter.com81 flirtomatic.com33
facebook.com75 (see note below) mbuzzy.com21
itsmy.com71 mobango.com19
peperonity.com62 mindviz.com17
hi5.com42 twitter.com5
mocospace.com30 winksite.com3

All in all it was quite easy to set up an (fake) account and to add new friends. But in some social networks like and you must verify your cell phone number before connecting to other people. And some of the social services seem to have a limitation for adding friends. For example at I got the note „You have reached your daily limit of manual invitations“ after adding 10 friends, but you still can add friends directly by sending them an invite email. And at I got a warning that I am „engaging in behavior that may be considered annoying or abusive by other users“. So I had to slow down with my new friends, because in the worst case they would temporary block or even close down my test account. I hope they will forgive me my little scientifically study and will not banish my real me ;o)

The best way to promptly make strangers be your friends is to talk to users that are online, but not every social service offers this functionality like does. The resume for me is that it is fun, because you get a lot of respond, but you have to be careful not to get banish and it just takes time to set up an account and find your new friends. And there’s more to it than that, because afterwards you have to find the right way to generate exposure for your business and not every social network is allowing the promotion of foreign services. For example deleted my note and link to my service.

4 Gedanken zu „Making Friends with Strangers on Social Networks“

  1. Nice experiment and interesting how easy it is to reach that many people. Did you really try to market something to them? I would be interested in the overall conversion rate of this. Did you select the people you chose or did you pick them randomly?

    By the way, when I was first looking for employees last year I also wrote more or less random messages to people on Facebook that might be interested. And I really found someone who even published some job offers for me.

    Anyway, if this is an effective marketing tool, it can be easily outsourced to a VPA. 😉

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  3. Hi! Im AdamFC the Admin over at fotochatter. I just read your article and was happy to see we topped the rest in your little experiment. What inspired you to do this?

  4. It’s pretty awesome that you would take the time and put the effort in to doing the project. I am surprised how easy it was for you to connect with lots of people.

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