goes Spanish, Romanian and Greek in Greek and Spanish Today we launched three new languages, so now we have in 10 languages; German (Deutsch) [2000.01.12] English [2000.01.12] French (Français) [2007.04.19] Italian (Italiano) [2007.06.29] Portuguese (Português) [2007.06.29] Polish (Polski) [2007.12.18] Russian (Русский) [2008.05.13] Spanish (Español) [2008.07.15] Romanian (Română) [2008.07.15] Greek (Ελληνικά) [2008.07.15] This time our team mates Ines, Panos and Codruta were making weiterlesen… goes Polish in Polish Now we have in following languages; German (Deutsch) [12.01.2000], English [12.01.2000], French (Français) [19.04.2007], Italian (Italiano) [29.06.2007] Portuguese (Português) [29.06.2007] and Polish (Polski) [18.12.2007]. This time our teammates Mariola and Peter were pressing ahead with the polish translation. During the translation Mariola also build her first mobile site ever: :o)