Maciej’s site on

Some days ago I updated my mobile site on I have posted some comments on my team mates, our headquarters and my work and uploaded some pics. So have a look – more to come :o)

And here are some fan e-mails from around the world:

  • The Vampire Princess wrote on February 7, 2009: great job!! :o)
  • Katherine Kisebakalis wrote on February 6, 2009: Sir. I Have The Pleasure Of Being A Member Of The Community of Peperonity. MY compliments To You FOR your kind An Considerate Staff in the way they Have Addressed My Problems I Have Presented To Them. Iam Very Impressed By The Ease An Support Your Entire Staff extends to us.
  • Sweet Dark (IN) wrote on December 7, 2008: Thank you for creating the greatest community in the history of wap and if u ask me, the internet itself!! No one will ever top peperonity! Truely! I’m an extremely grateful to you and your staff! O x
  • Nakshatra (IN) wrote on August 14, 2008: Thank u so much for accept my friendship. Thank u for giving us such a beautiful mobile world, where each one can creat their own world.

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