The Future of Mobile Social Networks

Insights on Mobile Social Networking

When we at Peperoni started to build our first solution for the mobile web back in 2000, I saw the business potential of mobile data technologies, but I must admit that today I am pleasantly surprised and very glad about the technological and economic progress in our mobile industry. And in particular the three last years were extremely vibrant for us with our core product portfolio around tools for user generated content with social media components. In the early days we had maybe 10 combatants worldwide, but today our ecosystem gained quite a high complexity with a good deal of new and old technologies and players from all kind of industrial sectors that we never thought would be playing the mobile game with us. But at the end it’s just another confirmation that we chose the right spot for our business activity 🙂

The Users – essential basis for every success social network

In our industry today almost everybody is talking about Mobile 2.0 with Mobile User Generated Content and Mobile Social Networking, but I wonder if in the next years we still will speak about the ‘Mobile Web’ and ‘Mobile Social Networks’. Indeed ‘mobile’ is something special with other/more possibilities than a Personal Computer, but the basic technologies and services have already been there (in the PC World) long before even Peperoni existed. The many impressions and experiences I was lucky to collect in the last years dispose me to start writing about our spot in the mobile industry from the perspective of an entrepreneur. I want to contribute to the ongoing discussion with sharing some practical insights and I will try to address all relevant players along our relevant value chain. For the beginning I will refer to the Mobile Advertisement Business, because today it’s one of the most impotent commercial basis for many start-up in the mobile industry and there is a brand new element in the value chain – the Mobile Advertisement Optimizer. Stay tuned for more post about Mobile Social Networks …

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