Rotary Club Hagen

Meeting planning and different consulting talks.

Talks about apprenticeship in SIHK Hagen

In the evening I attend a roadshow for school leavers about apprenticeship, career and studies as an experienced adviser from Peperoni. I was honored to be invited by the Rotary Club Hagen to this event, which took place in our Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Hagen. My table had the number #37 (of 51) and the focus on computer science, software development and systems integration. I was sitting together with some ‚old‘ friends; Carsten Schippang from the FernUniversität in Hagen (I am a Ph.D. candidate there) and Thomas Spruth from adesso in Dortmund (my colleague Thomas Bühren used to work there during his studies). All in all this event was well attended, very interesting, but also very exhausting with answering all the questions of the young people :o)

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