Informa conference (Peperoni Workshop), London

Workshop notification, Marcus in action, lunch together with Nadim, Laura and Marcus.

Today we had our post-conference morning workshop about ‚The Marketing and Technology Necessary for Establishing a Successful Mobile Community‚ led by Peperoni. The workshop objectives were in particularly to learn more about the technology behind one of the most successful mobile community services like, to learn about key factors of mobile usability and optimum user experience including moderation issues, to understand how to leverage viral marketing aspects that come with every successful mobile community and how to make money out of mobile communities using browse and buy, premium access fee, data charges and ad financing models. After the workshop Laura Black (Event Assistant, Informa) and Nadim Al Masri (Mobile Data Services Officer, Zain) joined us for lunch, before we target the airport for our flight back to Germany

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  1. mobile technology today is essencial to life.. i apreciate very much your work Mr. Maciej ..i hope we could get in touch..for several reasons..but i will have to explain later why..
    keep the good work and i hope your company always provides good services..
    contact me if you could please…
    best regards

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