Hello world – here we are :o)

It’s time to move on to broader horizons…

Mobile 2.0 online already in 2000

This is quite funny; back in 1999 we started to develop a wap site builder and today everybody calls it Mobile User Generated Content, Mobile Social Network, Mobile Web 2.0 and Mobile Community. Our first Mobile 2.0 service was called WAPmatic and we launched it in january 2000; in july 2002 we had a bigger service relaunch and called the service mCommunity.biz. But more amazing is the fact, that since some months everybody is quite excited about all this new and innovative services poping up every day. But I shouldn’t complain about this development, because since some years ago we have a profitable mobile community business at peperoni.de and today with peperonity.com one of the biggest or maybe THE world biggest mobile social network :o)

It’s time to tell the wireless (business) world about the success story from a German province. I will use this blog to tell and document my peperoni flavored adventure. So my dear friends, fellows, business partners and enemies watch out for the peperonis from Hagen :o)

Update: After six months good experience with blogging, I will also start to document some of the highlights in the last years at peperoni.de. So please don’t be surprised about me speaking here about my „first“ entry headed with „Hello world – here we are“ :o)

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