Chilling out in Majorca, Spain

Beach, me and sunbathing.

After the EuroWebtainment I had one day left to chill out and enjoy the tremendous weather in Majorca. On the beach I also had some thoughts on a new project – let’s call it „truthful origami“ until I can tell you more about it :o)

In the evening we went to the restaurant „Ca’n Verdera Nou“ (c/Mar Negra, 6, Playa de Palma – El Arenal), because we wanted to eat something typical from Majorca. I was a little astonished as I saw a Swedish flag hanging over the main entrance and later on as I heard people speak Swedish at the table beside us, but the waitress and the food were Spanish. But on the way out I couldn’t resist to thank in Swedish a blond woman behind the bar for the delicious food. It was a direct hit – she was the owner of this restaurant and she spoke fluent Swedish!

I had a great time in Majorca, but I was also fascinated about the rip-off of tourists. Some examples:

  • Every taxi charges you strictly on the highest rate, even if they have different rates depending on e.g. daytime.
  • Some restaurants give you a menu in English with a small note in Spanish „IVA no incluido“ (English: „prices not including VAT“).
  • A Cheeseburger at Burger King in Madrid costs 1,-Euro and on the Playa de Palma 1,90 Euro :o)

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