Was ist Deutsch?

Audience, different show chapters and the Master of Ceremony William.

Every year the colloqium on literature in my old school Gymnasium Hohenlimburg performe some kind of show for the public. This year the show was called „Was ist Deutsch – eine musikalische Revue zum deutschen Selbstverständnis“ (English: What is German – a musical revue about German self-image) telling us in a funny way more about the characteristic side of Germans history, culture, preferences and habits. All of the Kids made a very good show and the Masters of Ceremony William and Lisa were just incredibly professional, giving the audience an unforgettable evening.

Tonight it was the last performance of the group, so I made a surprise for some of my team mates from Peperoni, and invited them to this show. I hope they liked it, even if some thought I would take them to a wine tasting in our castle in Hagen-Hohenlimburg :o)

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