Mobile Communities – The Long Tail of the Industry?

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Source: 2006.03.15, Bango News, Spring 2006

The mobile internet: Open, inclusive and available to all

Ten years ago the internet underwent a fundamental transformation from an „early adopter“ technology for emailing and list sharing to become the world wide web that lies at the heart of the content industry today.


Mobile Communities – The Long Tail of the Industry?

Mobile phones are becoming used as highly effective, and highly personalised, content capture devices. Voice, still image and video capabilities are built-in to phones which have the unique advantage of providing a permanent connection to the internet. Content can be easily uploaded to a hosted site, by the users themselves. Already, hundreds of thousands of mobile internet sites have appeared, hosted on the modern, mobile equivalents of Geocities.

Typically mobile communities are built around personal interests and news that can be shared with others. Sports clubs, artist tribute sites and gaming sites are popular, along with users offering links to other content they like, or content designed for particular phones, languages and cultures.

Bango is providing a unique, commercial dimension to these services, so that users can attribute a commercial value to some of their content and charge small amounts for images, news and information. The first such relationship is with Peperoni, who provide the Peperonity mobile service which can be found at

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