Mobile World Congress 2009 in Barcelona, Spain (3rd day)

Best networking always in the evenings

After my today’s appointments I went to an information session about AdSense for Mobile Search hosted by Hugo Barra from google. It was a quick presentation on to how brand the google tools for own services and drive traffic back into you portal. And of course how to make more money by giving your users what they were searching for. There were some familiar companies in the seven person audience; (Rajan Singh), (Boaz Zilberman), and

Mobile World Congress - Swedish Beers
Fair ground, Happy Hour at our booth, Swedish Beers, Niren and me.

The trade show ended today with a Happy Hour at our booth and I got the feeling to be back in Germany – almost every guest was speaking German. Later on, before going to the Swedish Beers in the Dostrece Restaurant Bar with my team, I went for a short visit to the MWC Cocktail Party in the Plaza Hotel hosted by Handmark. But it wasn’t so crowded as the Swedish Beers with the important people from our industry like Russell Buckley and Niren Hiro 😉

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