CeBIT 2007 (7th day – goodbye)

And again, it’s time to move on to new horizons…

Another CeBIT with many impressions, new contacts and much work is over. I just want to say „a big thanks“ for the great time to my companions from the University of Hagen and the other academic institutes on our booth of the German federal state North Rhine Westphalia. I heard that this year CeBIT had over 480,000 visitors, which was about 10% more than 2006.

The picture above was taken on the brother booth, so please don’t worry, it was about 1.5 feet to unto the ground :o)

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  1. Well, perhaps some Swedish visitors and exhibitors made a contribution to those 10%?
    Did you meet any?
    It was a good picture! I´m not worry. I belive that U can take at least doubble as much 😉

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