Mobile World Congress, Barcelona (2nd day)

Bango visiting us, Marcus in an interview, carmunity meets peperoni, Helen and me at Swedish Beers.

Work and Swedish Beers

Beside running around the fair grounds from one to another meeting, I also had good opportunities during the day for some interesting chats with our combatants like Vince Staybl and Jukka Saarelainen from GmbH, Kok Fung Lai and Wandrille Pruvot from Pte Ltd. (Thank you very much for the gifts from Singapore!) and Roberto Bonanzinga – one of the guys behind And I also went for one of the sessions in the congress; ‚Exploring the Myths & Realities of the Youth Demographic‘ with e.g. Ajit Jaokar, Co-founder, FutureText, and Javier Ferreira, Head of Mobile, EA.

In the evening we aimed for the ‚Swedish Beers‚ in the Belchica club, organized by Steve Flaherty and Helen Keegan. It was a very long night with a lot of drinks, but also funny and interesting talks with people from the industry. I hope our business friends found their way home – Chris, Bennet and Stefan, thanks for the great time :o)

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