1 Billion ad views at admob.com

admob with one billion ad views
Congratulation admob!

AdMob growing fast with mobile ads

admob, the world’s largest mobile advertising marketplace they say :o), but definitely one of our most friendly partner for mobile advertising just reached one billion ad views so far. I am very happy about this growth, because it proves the potential of mobile business outside the portals of mobile network operators – but you never now, maybe one day the operators will also start with mobile advertising inside their walled garden. Of course I am glad of this mobile advertising success, because very many of those ad views were delivered on peperonity.com :o)

By the way I can recommend the blog MobHappy from Russell working for admob to you. Unfortunately it is not mobile ready yet, bit it is a very interesting blog on mobile technology and developments! More about admob and their on the admob blog.

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