Work Life Balance

Grandhotel Schloss Bensberg

One of my favorite team mates – he is always very considerate :o) – said that working to much just can’t be good for my health and I should watch my Work-life balance. So I listened to his advice and I went on the weekend to the Grandhotel Schloss Bensberg for some wellness and sporty relaxation. And I must say, after relaxing in the generous sauna landscape and after a marvelousness wellness treatment, I feel like a new born dude :o)

It was the first „longer“ highway ride with the new PepCar – of course on the left side the whole way from Hagen to Bensberg :o)

Grandhotel Schloss Bensberg (285)

0 Gedanken zu „Work Life Balance“

  1. WHAT A GOOD IDEA!!! (top 7)
    Thank you for listening and accomplishing this idea. So, my best regards to your loveteam, friendsteam, workteam.
    I have to admit that I already spoke with your „SPA enjoying team“ and she was very pleased about the whole arrangement.
    Upps, please do it again!!

    now I see..well, I thought I always spoke about right side of the highway? Even if I understand that the traffic on the left side is not so „heavy“… /;-)

    Please send my love to the photographer. This picture of a new born dude will be added to my favourites.

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