Starbucks Hot Chocolate fever

I am a big fan of hot chocolate

Today I read an article about Rafael Antonio Lozano Jr. in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. Since 1997 this dude is traveling around the world and wants to visit every single Starbucks coffee bar. He already visited around 9,700 of them in 19 countries and he also was in Germany, but he couldn’t visit e.g. the Starbucks coffee bar at the Düsseldorf International Airport, like I did some days ago (picture above), because you have to be an air passenger to get inside the waiting hall. To celebrate the day I become one of the Starbucks fans on facebook – actually I would have a hot chocolate at Starbucks, but we don’t have one in Hagen 🙁

A hot chocolate at the Starbuck Düsseldorf International Airport.