Seychelles, Mahé, Sentier Vacoa Trail

Forest trail, Palm spider and some bloom.

After lazing around on the beach it was time for another expedition in the ‚island jungle‘. So I challenged the Sentier Vacoa Trail (Grand Anse) through the Riverine Forests, dominated once by Vacoa plants. On the way I saw some nice Seychelles Palm spiders (Argiopidae spider?), but the flora was also very interesting, e.g. the Pandanus hornei palms with roots above the ground.

Ein Gedanke zu „Seychelles, Mahé, Sentier Vacoa Trail“

  1. hi macieja

    we are going to seychelles in december and im terrified of spiders, your pictures are amazing, however, do they invade your hotel or are they just in foliage

    thank you x

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