Restaurant „HAGEN eins“

Some months ago our main city bank Sparkasse Hagen built their new headquarters in the center of Hagen. In this building called „Sparkassen Karree“ there is a restaurant „HAGEN eins“ that I didn’t try yet. Today Mr. Wild from HYPO-Bildung in Austria visited me, so it was a good opportunity to try this restaurant.

Impressions from the Restaurant called „Hagen eins“
The Restaurant „Hagen eins“

I was pleasantly surprised about the nice ambiance, the friendly service and the delicious meal which was a „rosa gebratene Barbarie-Entenbrust an Orangen-Grand Manier-Soße mit sautierten Honigmöhrchen und gebackenen Maisplätzchen“ (Sorry for the German, but I don’t to have a clue how to translate this 🙂 Next time I also have to try the front cooking area and see behind the curtain of the kitchen.