Holiday – Majorca (7th day) – L’Ofre

Me mountain hiking, L’Ofre, swedish tourists and an aborigine :o)

And again it was time for another mountain hiking from Fornalutx (99 m MSL) via Biniaraix (120 m MSL) passing Es Cornadors to the point of Coll de L’Ofre (890 m MSL) with a panoramic view on the mountain L’Ofre (1,093 m MSL) and water supply dam Cúber. The tour was overall about 11 km and started with climbing to the top of Coll de L’Ofre on an old pilgrimage route to the cloister in Lluc. The wild canyon of Barranc de Biniaraix was very impressive. On the way back I met some Swedish tourists – they started to tell me in English about an aborigine animal close-by (on the picture above – do somebody know what it is?). And they were quite surprised as I answered in Swedish with „gå inte för nära – han kan bita dig“ (don’t go to close – he could bite you) with a smile :o)

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