Dude, we have a charter boat!

Our charter boat, historic boat lift facilitates, ship’s crew and town party.  

For today some teammates rent a charter boat called „Ingrid“ in Yachtcharter Krug at the Yachthafen Marina Rünthe, Bergkamen. The boat is 9.20 m long, 3.20 m broad and has a 50 PS strong engine. In the ship’s crew we had Kay, Peter, Sebastian, Thomas and Marcus, who for once was allowed to play the captain, because he has a boat licence :o)

With the charter boat we travelled on the Datteln-Hamm-Kanal and Dortmund-Ems-Kanal. On the way we saw e.g. the coal-fired large-scale power plants „Kraftwerk Westfalen“ and „Kraftwerk Datteln„. In the sluices parc Waltrop we saw some modern boat lift facilitates and had also a look on the historic Henrichenburg boat lift facilitates.

In the evenings we went to Hagen-Hohenlimburg Festival 2007 with a wide entertainment programme. On such town parties it’s quite funny to meet people, e.g. from school, that you haven’t met for years.

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