zyb.com – backup mobile data

Website of zyb.com (13.01.2007).

Keeps you in sync with your friends

ZYB Technologies ApS (www.zyb.com) from Denmark offer an easy way to backup your mobile while allowing you to share and manage important data. With ZYB you can sync your contact lists and your calendar wirelessly at any time you like, practically anywhere in the world. ZYB works over most types of networks and does not require installation of any proprietary software on the mobile itself. Until now it’s free, but within the next couple of months they will provide premium features like synchronisation with iPod and Outlook, send SMS from ZYB or export to MSN – „some of this will cost a small fee“.

Basically I like the idea, particularly if you swap cell phones, but I already sync my contacts and calendar through the cradle with outlook – „for free“ :o) And what about privacy and data protection on the net? I wouldn’t‘ appreciate to see me and my friends on some spam lists… It will also be interesting to see what happens with zyb.com when xing.com and linkedin.com will stronger move into the mobile space, because from my point of view they partly have a similar service with even more possibilities. But maybe they just buy zyb.com (technology and over four million contacts from over 70,000 mobile users worldwide) before they start to develop their own mobile services.

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