Milestone – 2,000 views

On my web 2.0 expedition…

Blogging is fun

So today my blog achieved a (small) milestone by reaching over 2,000 views in total :o) offers some analysis tools for their users like ‚Blog Stats‚ and ‚Feed Stats‘. The figures tell me that my ‚Best Day Ever‘ was April 10th, 2007 with 205 views – doesn’t include my own visits! Until now I have 76 posts with 30 different tags and 18 comments.

It’s also quite interesting how my visitors find my blog on the endless web. Some people reach my blog by searching specific terms on search engines. They quite often look for e.g. „kuszpa“ or „peperonity“. One visitor asked google „what is peperoni?“ and others search for funny things like „Ray Anderson beer“ ( or „graffiti dortmund trips“. But there is also a high attraction to my blog by requests like „sexy girls licking“ or „Germany sexy girls“ – sex sells :o)

I must say that I got a fan – they are almost so good as our blogging solution :o) But there are three interesting ways to experience mobile:

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