City trip to Gothenburg, Sweden

Trip to Gothenburg
Me with some snow, ice skating rabbits, lussebullar and God Jul.

Christmas 2008 in cold Sweden

Another trip to Gothenburg in Sweden in the christmas time… If you are in Sweden you definitly should try some of the typical pastries like ‚Semlor‚ (a sweet bread bun filled with almond paste and whipped cream), ‚Kanelbulle‚ (a cinnamon bun), ‚Lussebulle‚ (traditional Lucia bun made with saffron and served at Christmas time), ‚Pepparkaka‚ (ginger biscuit) and ‚Hallongrottor‚ (raspberry cupcake). And the next time I am in Gothenburg I think I will go for a chilli treatment :o)

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