Beginning of spring

You can sense the coming of spring.

Jump into the spring

Just for fun… today we had a noticeable beginning of spring… Amazing, because some days ago we still had snow in Hagen, but today it was very warm with sunshine :o)

3 Gedanken zu „Beginning of spring“

  1. i would like to you can be so funny..????
    ( forgive my words…)

    and you took the foto..?? and where..???

    you mention that had snowed a few days..back…
    but on 30 march…( i agree ) it was a lovely wether…!!!

    maybe… i really should go live there….!!!

  2. Hello my son. How lovely of U to share and what a lovely day at the…brunch at the Casino…? I can not wait to enjoy it there again. Love.

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