Beach volleyball tournament, Hagen

There is a small beach volleyball tournament taking place in Hagen-Hohenlimburg today and tomorrow. It’s more like an village fair, but it’s fun. My favourite team was called „tutti frutti“. Unfortunately they had to play against a quite good team called „Die Männer von Flaake“ and lost 15:21. But I am sure, they will go for the first place next year, if you consider the grand prize; 100 tins of beer!

Beachvolly in the city Hagen
Beach volleyball in town square, team tutti frutti, game and canoe lane.

In Hagen-Hohenlimburg we also have a canoe lane. We will have the next German junior championship in canoe slalom [Deutsche Meisterschaft der Junioren / Jugend im Kanuslalom] here soon: 17-19.08.2007. So another village fair will take place in the next days 🙂

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