Peperoni Photo Shooting

The Peperoni Team (almost all of them)

It’s high time to shoot some professional pictures of the peperoni team. So we invited a buddy photographer and after over four hours we got plenty of good and funny pictures. It’s quite a hard job to be a model, but the photographer was very entertaining :o)

0 Gedanken zu „Peperoni Photo Shooting“

  1. Hello my son,
    it was a such a good idea to take a professional picture of all nice, generous with smiling and professional employees at the Peperoni. I can not resist (and why should I?) to smile back to U.

    I hope to see U in person next time I´m visiting U.
    My best regards.

  2. Hello Maciej,

    it is a very wonderful blog. It is very interesting to learn something about you!!!
    I hope i learn more about you =)

    With best regards

    Yours Jenni ; )

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