Q&A: AdMob’s Russell Buckley on mobile advertising


Source: Richard Maven: Q&A – AdMob’s Russell Buckley on mobile advertising, e-consultancy.com, 03.04.2007

Today Thomas found a interesting interview of Richard Maven with Russell Buckley on e-consultancy.com. Russell also told a little bite about peperonity.com


Do consumers really want to see ads on their mobiles, given that they have to pay for most mobile services?

There’s two aspects to this. Firstly, many people do find the ads useful, otherwise they wouldn’t be clicking on them. Our theory is that people are using advertising to discover new content and services they otherwise wouldn’t have found.

Secondly, most people accept advertising if the price is that they get cheaper, or free services and content in return. As an example, out of the 1.6bn ads we’ve served now, we have had only one complaint. In this case, a lady had created her own mobile home page on peperonity, one of our publishing partners and wanted to know why we were running ads on „her“ pages.

When we explained that the reason why peperonity’s service was free was that it was funded by advertising, she actually turned out to be very supportive.

So while many are paying for mobile services today, most people are happy to see ads if they can get cheaper services in the future. And that’s the way the market seems to be going.


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