EuroWebtainment in Vienna, Austria

Lecture Pelle Boese, SMS notification about my lecture, exhibition, me, Frank and Bennet.

This time the EuroWebtainment took place in the Vienna Marriott Hotel and the MobileWebtainment was a part of it. Today I had a lecture about ‚Mobile Adult 2.0 – Best Practices and Trends‘ and the day was full with talks, e.g. with Pelle Boese (SevenVal AG)about mobile Search Engine Optimization (his blog is and with Markus Kritscher and Bernhard Hortens (both from mindmatics AG) about protection of minors. The Speed networking session was also quite fun, but for networking the Get2Gether Party in the Kursalon at the Viennese City Park with a Viennese Night Buffet and Free Drinks was definitely better :o)

MobileWebtainment Agenda:

Ein Gedanke zu „EuroWebtainment in Vienna, Austria“

  1. It was nice -as always- to met you in Vienna. The event was great.

    Looking forward to see you again in Barcelona but hopefully earlier! Have a good time!

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