Mobile 2.0 Europe, Barcelona

A Day Exploring the future of Mobile

Today I joined the first Mobile 2.0 Europe in Barcelona, a conference bringing people together from all aspects of the mobile ecosystem, including startups, investors, mobile carriers, device manufacturers, mobile application developers and web technologists. All in all a very interesting event with some very good controversy like the panels on the ‚VC Perspective‘ and the ‚Operator Perspective‘ on the mobile market. You can find a summer of this event at the conference web site and some thoughts in an article ‚Mobile 2.0: Rummble, Zipiko and Dial2do shine, but venture captialists express caution‚ of Matthäus Krzykowski on

It was suspenseful to hear the nokia lecture about their plans for the future; ‚Software & Services is one of Nokias core strategy for the future‘, ‚It’s about things: People, Plazes, Media and Developers‘ and ‚Nokia wants to be a internet company (OVI – Nokias conusmer brand)‘. I also had a funny adventure during the aka-aki presentation. I tried their bluetooth applet and found some other aka-aki user in the audience. And I spot ’nanou‘ (Stefanie Hoffmann, founder of aka-aki networks GmbH) in the crowd; she didn’t see me, so it was fun and easy to tease her in the aka-aki chat, because I could see everything she was doing 🙂

Panel, Networking, and in the middle an aka-aki profile and the real person 🙂

Mobile 2.0 Europe Agenda:

Introducion by Rudy De Waele, dotopen/Mobile 2.0 Organizing Committee

Introducion by Alfons Sauquet, Dean of ESADE Business School

Keynote by Pekka Pohjakallio, Vice President, Suites Management and Marketing, Services and Software at Nokia

PANEL: Mobile Social Media

  • Peggy Anne Salz, MSearchGroove (Moderator)
  • Market Overview introduction by Alistair Hill, Analyst, M:Metrics
  • Tommy Ahlers, CEO ZYB
  • Charlie Schick, Editor-in-Chief for Nokia Conversations
  • Doug Richards, CEO Trutap
  • Antonio Vince Staybl, CEO (GoFresh)
  • Alex Romero, Director Partnerships, Yahoo! Connected Life Europe

Early Stage Start-up Sessions

  • Viktor Maroknic, ?? (Moderator)
  • aka-aki (Germany) – Proximity Networking
  • Dial2Do (Ireland) – Voice to Text
  • Shout’Em (Croatia) – Mobile Social Networking Platform
  • Via Mobility (France) – Widget Platform
  • YouLynx (Spain) – Mobile Social Media
  • Zipipop (Finland) – Intention Broadcasting

PANEL: The VC Perspective

Pre Series A Start-up Sessions

  • Jonathan Wareham, Associate Professor of Information Systems and Director of Research at ESADE Business School (Moderator)
  • kooaba (Switzerland) – Mobile Image Search [Herbert Bay]
  • Mobiluck (France) – Mobile Location-based IM, Chat and Social Networking [Olivier Chouraki]
  • Rummble (United Kingdom) – Mobility Local Discovery [Andrew Scott]
  • Secufone (Netherlands) – Mobility and Safety
  • Unkasoft (Spain) – Mobile Advergaming [Jaime Lanchares]
  • ViiF (Germany) – Mobile Entertainment Community

PANEL: The Operator Perspective

  • Raimo van der Klein, SPRXmobile (Moderator)
  • Martin Duval, CEO bluenove / Director of the Orange Start-Up Program
  • Gian Paolo Balboni, Head of Innovation Trends Telecom Italia
  • Unai Iturburu, Head of Vodafone Spain R&D
  • Carlos Domingo, General Director of Telefonica R+D labs
  • Anastassia Lauterbach, Executive Vice President for Strategy, T-Mobile International

Post Series A Start-up Sessions

PANEL: Open Business Models

  • Mike Butcher, TechCrunch UK & Ireland (Moderator)
  • Chris Liu, Managing Director, Fjord
  • Leif Fågelstedt, COO, Blyk
  • Ilja Laurs, Founder & CEO of GetJar
  • Ray Anderson, CEO and founder, Bango
  • Laurence Aderemi, Business Development Director (EMEA), AdMob

Introduction to Mobile 2.0 San Francisco – Gregory Gorman, Special Advisor, Strategy and Market Development at SoonR

Closing Remarks – Carles Ferreiro, dotopen

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