EuroWebtainment (2nd day – update)

Miss EuroWebtainment grand opening, Gunnar Steger and me, party people, Wolfgang Schlösser and me.

In the evening we had great time on the big EuroWebtainment-VIP-Party in one of Majorca’s hottest Clubs – the Titos – with free drinks, shows and dirty beats. The guests were in the best mood and after the grand opening oft the Miss EuroWebtainment contest we had only one motto ‚work hard, but party even harder‘ :o)

It was funny to see all the business people from the event turning into happy party people in the evening. I suppose the good music and the excess of free tasty drinks had a significant contribution to the fantastic mood. Even Wolfgang (managing director of couldn’t resist the beats and made a great dance performance. We left the party at about 05:30 am – by sunrise :o)

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