BITKOM Social Media Working Committee

Social Media in Germany in the early stages

It was my first time joining a BITKOM Social Media Working Committee. After the reception by Florian Koch (BITKOM) we had an introduction into the projected theme, goals and activities. Interestingly we heard that BITKOM itself is not active (yet) in social media, but today I found the BITKOM twitter account with over 200 tweets and 700 followers – quite confusing. The argumentation was to do nothing in Social Media, before you do something halfhearted and fail.

In the first lecture Thilo Többens (Deloitte Consulting) spoke about the „Don’ts“ of social media activities, using examples of and Angela Schmitz-Axe (Deloitte Consulting) added the Deloitte point of view on Social Media Eco System. With her statistics she also showed how slow Germany is in terms of using social media in comparison to USA, but also other European countries. Thilo Többens spoke about an adequate and reliable measurement of social media initiatives that needs to consider both quantitative and qualitative metrics for a Social Media ROI. The introduced Key Success Factors for a successful Social Media Strategy were also interesting; e.g. to develop a business case and to establish clear guidelines.

Lecture by Angela Schmitz-Axe from Deloitte Consulting.

Oliver Stalp (T-Mobile Deutschland) showed in the second presentation the eChannel of the Deutsche Telekom and their social media activities in Sales and Services. They have around 5-6 Mio. unique visitors monthly on the portals, and and they are in the top10 of the biggest eShop in Germany in terms of revenues. It seems to be a big challenge in such a big corporate group to synchronise all interests und activities of the different divisions (HR, E&F, Marketing, etc.) and companies. An interesting point was that they have a support forum, but there „costumers help costumers and the Telekom save Money“; web 2.0 is cool, lean back and let the costumers do the work :o)

During the breaks and lunch I had an interesting chat with Jürgen Schulze (i-Val) on data security in Social Media and with Steffen Legler (Deloitte Consulting) on staff motivation. After the lunch Thomas Dominikowski (Empolis GmbH) spoke about the use of Social Media Monitoring in companies. In the following discussion we spoke about the limits of Social Media Monitoring like closed groups and profiles or linguistic feature (sarcasm). Hello Empolis dudes, maybe you see this post in your social media analysis ;o)

At the end the Social Media Working Committee chose their new chairman Claus Fesel (DATEV) and the vice chairman Dr. Benedikt Köhler (ethority), Jens Mühlner (T-Systems International) and Thilo Többens (Deloitte Consulting).

The Agenda of this event:

  • Introduction & Agenda
      Florian Koch, BITKOM e.V.
  • Committee Structure, Topics and Goals
      Florian Koch, BITKOM e.V.
  • Return of Invest on Social Media
      Thilo Többens, Deloitte Consulting GmbH
  • Social Media Best Practice
      Oliver Stalp, Deutsche Telekom AG
  • Social Media Monitoring
      Thomas Dominikowski, Empolis GmbH
  • Elections to the board
      Florian Koch, BITKOM e.V.

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