Restaurant „HAGEN eins“

The Restaurant „Hagen eins“.

Some months ago our main city bank Sparkasse Hagen built their new headquarters in the center of Hagen. In this building called „Sparkassen Karree“ there is a restaurant „HAGEN eins“ that I didn’t try yet. Today Mr. Wild from HYPO-Bildung in Austria visited me, so it was a good opportunity to try this restaurant. I was pleasantly surprised about the nice ambiance, the friendly service and the delicious meal which was a „rosa gebratene Barbarie-Entenbrust an Orangen-Grand Manier-Soße mit sautierten Honigmöhrchen und gebackenen Maisplätzchen“ (Sorry for the German, but I don’t to have a clue how to translate this :o) Next time I also have to try the front cooking area and see behind the curtain of the kitchen.

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