Business Breakfast, Privatbrauerei Iserlohn GmbH, Iserlohn

New Iserlohner Orange Beer, Peter Michaelis (the boss) and the guests.

Business Breakfast at Privatbrauerei Iserlohn GmbH

It has been a long time ago since my last visit on a Business Breakfast. I know the organizer Bo Bäckström from Albatross 78, who started with this Business Breakfast in our region back in 2002. The host this time was the Privatbrauerei Iserlohn GmbH and after the Breakfast we heard different lectures about the company history by Gudrun Thierenbach (Assistant ot the Management) and about decision making in companies by Frank Müller (Marketing Director). All in all it was great to see some ‚old‘ business friends like Bo Bäckström (Albatross 78), Erik Schulz (agentur mark) and Christian Isenbeck (Stadtmarketing Hagen) and the factory tour in this brewery :o)

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