InMobi MWC Cocktail Party, Barcelona

With Naveen, Amit and Lim in the Eclipse Bar.

Conversation with the InMobi Executive Team for selected Industry Insiders

This afternoon we arrived in Barcelona for some days on the yearly Mobile World Congress – Europe’s biggest trade fair on mobile technologies. As always there are several good events every evening, but this time we started our business trip in Spain with the InMobi cocktail reception in the Eclipse Bar at the W Hotel Barcelona. Beside many dudes of the InMobi team, like e.g. Amit, Naveen, RobLim, Piyush and François, I also had the chance to meet other old contacts, like e.g. Jascha and Kjell (apprupt). All in all great time, great people and great cocktails (e.g. ‚Pink Floyd – belvedere black raspberry vodka | fresh lime juice | blackberries | peach | honey syrup | cava | served tall over crushed ice‘), but why did we miss the host leaving the party? ;o) 

(easyjet ??? | Apartment 650)

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