Slightest CO2 emissions

Nippy and environment-friendly…

Today I read an article in „Welt am Sonntag“ (No. 10, 11.03.2007, p. 79) about cars with the slightest CO2 emissions in the world. I was happy to see that my PepCar is on the eleventh place in the environment-friendly toplist:

  1. Honda Insight (petrol)
  2. Audi A2 TDI (diesel)
  3. VW Lupo TDI (diesel)
  4. Smart Fortwo CDI (diesel)
  5. Toyota Prius (hybrid)
  6. Citroen C2 HDI (diesel)
  7. Citroen C1 (diesel/petrol)
  8. Citroen C3 HDI (diesel)
  9. Daihatsu Cuore (petrol)
  10. Honda Civic 4DR (hybrid)
  11. Peugeot 107 (diesel/petrol)
  12. Toyota Aygo (diesel/petrol)

The CO2 emissions of the Peugeot 107 is under 140 g/km. This measured value is equivalent to the commitment of the European Automotive Manufacturers for 2008.

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