CeBIT 2007 (5th day)

Girls, girls, girls and an ‚At home I will be in trouble‘ picture.

As usual on the CeBIT you find a lot of very friendly fair hostesses. Next year maybe we should hire a few nice ladies for our booth (projects from different universities are not really cool and sexy :o)

In CeBIT News 17/18.03.2007 I also read an article with the title „Have you met a ‚Beutelratte‚?“. On almost every fair you always see those people named ‚Beutelratte‚ (literal interpretation is Opossum) – I call them ‚Beuteltier‘, because is nicer to call a person an animal (German: Tier) than a rat (German: Ratte) :o)

„The ‚Beutelratte‚ (corporate gift-collector) is not a new kind of animal, but rather the German expression for a human equipped with a shopping bag hunting through CeBIT’s exhibition stands for any kind of free gifts“

Beside a meeting with our favorite o2 germay product manager, I also got to know Thorsten, Editor of the Magazin ‚Der Podcaster‚. He was interested in our work on the University in Hagen and our Mobile Learing Maker.

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  1. well, what can I say? Ibland skulle jag bara vilja vara i din ålder. Det verkar vara hur kul som helst. Anyway, now it´s only 5 years difference ;-).

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