EuroWebtainment (2nd day) in Vienna, Austria

Eurowebtainment 2008
At the fair, a lecture and speed networking.

3rd MobileWebtainment in Vienna

And again I am back in Vienna, Austria, on the EuroWebtainment 2008. Today I had a lecture about ‚Riding the Mobile 2.0 Wave – Are you ready?“. After my lecture with around 25 people, there were some questions from the audience; here my two favorites: „When does men consume adult content on their mobile?“ (asked by Sandra Fritsche) and „What are the biggest driver for mobile 2.0?“. And here are my slides:

View more from Maciej Kuszpa.

It was also interesting to hear the other presentations and to visit the fair. Today I met some ’new‘ people like Achim Illner (once CFO of Phenomedia AG) and ‚old‘ business contacts like Wolfgang Schlösser, Christian Kreul, Frank Rothgänger, Stephan Kathemeyer, Bennet Bock and Andrea Fabrizius. We had a chat not only about ‚old days‘ – the first sentence from Bennet was „What about your traffic?“ :o)

The lectures today were:

  • – „no risk no fun? – Integriertes Risiko und Forderungsmanagement bei der Steuerung von Bezahlverfahren“, Alfred Petovar, infoscore austria gmbh und Florian Schulte, Deltavista Holding AG
  • – „Umsatzsteigerungen durch Internationalisierung von mobilen Mehrwertdiensten“, Guido Orthaus, Mobileview GmbH
  • – „Internationale Vermarktung von mobilen Premium Diensten im TV & WEB“, Christoph Hermes, Pink Adventure AG
  • – „Riding the Mobile 2.0 Wave – Are you ready?“, Maciej Kuszpa, Peperoni Mobile & Internet Software GmbH
  • – „Mehrwertdienste im Wandel – Gesetzesvorhaben, Jugendschutz und innovative Geschäftsmodelle“, Marco Priewe, Vorstandsmitglied FST e.V. Düsseldorf
  • – „Mobile Business – quo vadis?“ Paneldiskussion mit Moderator Christian Kreul, GmbH

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