Über Maciej

As a long time Mobile 2.0 Entrepreneur and Scientist I have two areas of expertise: On the one hand in the field of ‚Mobile Social Networks‚, because since 2000 I am founder and chief executive officer of Peperoni Mobile & Internet Software GmbH which develops software solutions around user generated content and social media for the mobile industry. In 2007 I became a member of the expert committee ‘Information and Communication’ of our Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Hagen.

On the other hand I am familiar with the field of ‚Mobile Learning‚. Back in 2000 I started my doctoral studies as a research associate at the University of Hagen, Department of Business Administration and Economics, Chair of Business Administration, Organization and Planning and there in 2002 I founded the Mobile Education Center of Excellence which is an international research project on Mobile Learning. In 2007 I was honored to become a scientific committee member of the IADIS Mobile Learning Conference and in 2008 I also joined the mobile learning research group at the Chair of Educational Theory and Media Pedagogy, Institute of Pedagogy and Media Research, University of Hagen.

Über diesen Blog

This blog is for my family, my friends, my enemies and everyone who is curious about my work-related life 😉 I will use this blog to keep you all updated – wherever I am in this world. And furthermore it’s useful for me to practice my English (please excuse my mistakes) and to discover the Web 2.0 world.