In Memoriam

In Memoriam of our old Combatants in the field of Mobile Social Networks…

My WAP Page of room33 AB, Sweden

Product screenshots of My WAP Page by room33 room33 with My WAP Page At the CeBIT 2001 I met Peo Olsson (at that time Communications Director) from room33 AB – originally known as Palm Reach – and had a short chat about WAP. room33 was founded in May 1998 by Zaheed Haque, who said „The […]

the PhonePages of Sweden AB, Sweden web site, company logo and a ‚phonepage‘. ThePhonePages with I stumbled on The PhonePages of Sweden AB in the Swedish Pavilion at the CeBIT 2002. This company was founded in January 2000 and claimed to be a pioneer in the field of event driven services for the Mobile Internet and to have more […]

IMOCOS AG with wapjag, Germany

Christmas card for me from IMOCOS (15.12.2000). WAPJAG – The Jag for WAP! One of our very active companions in the early stages of the mobile market was the IMOCOS International Mobile Content Service AG in Osnabrück, Germany. At first the company was founded in December 1999 as WAPJAG.COM AG. I can’t find the source anymore, […]